A poem about Wieners by Dick Hercules

I am Diklitous Phantasos Hercules!

I am Diklitous Phantasos Hercules!

Dearest Readers,

I am truly sorry, but Mr. Hercules has threatened to arm wrestle me if I do not publish his poetry writing words. By way of forgiveness, I ask you to compare the arms below, which are not mine but very much like them, to the one above. I trust you will understand.

Regrettably yours,


Funny man showing muscles

To my Lady Loves and Manly Admirers, I wish you well wishes! Ye Gods, how I love you and love how you love me! I bestow upon you an offering written during the summer I worked a food truck servicing Carolinian Beaches! I forget which Carolina, but it was an American one, either North or South. I do so wish you the enjoyment I offer. Are you woman? I would make love to you! Are you man? I challenge you to a Feat of Strength! Regardless, I am in love with you!

~ Diklitous

A Poem About Wieners 



dogs that are hot

mustards and relish, onions and cheese

these are not poetic words

but they are

like poetry

for my belly

Thank you ~ (You’re Welcome!)

~ Diklitous

22 thoughts on “A poem about Wieners by Dick Hercules

  1. I have worked for two bosses in my life named “Fat Jim” Fat Jim the first once ate 14 hot dogs over the span of an afternoons cookout, Fat Jim #2 ate a foot-long everyday for lunch, who dropped dad first? Fat Jim #1, ski-ing, I blame the exercise, all hale weiners!


  2. You had me at “Carolinian beaches.” Must have been North Carolina. My granny used to make sauce for the hotdogs from vinegar and ketchup. I always added a bit of Texas Pete. Hot stuff. Great post, Walt.


    • I remember seeing this comment. I remember replying to it. But I don’t see my reply here. Cleary something has gone very wrong. Very sorry! My wife likes Clint’s Texas Salsa. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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