17 Funny Moments in the Bee Gees’ “Stayin’ Alive” Video



Have you spent 4 minutes and 2 seconds of your life watching this Stayin’ Alive thingy? No? Well then, let’s do it together. Words cannot begin to express how much return on investment you will get. Check out the video below, then read. Or vice-versa, the other way around backwards.


1 – 00:00  This song starts up immediately, no time wasted, all instruments on stun. Then…

2– 00:04  It changes! Four seconds in, and already it’s changing. It’s Stayin’ Alive!

3 – 00:06 – That font! What is more gloriously 1970s than that font? Nothing. Maybe they could have made it brown. That might have made it more gloriously 1970s. But that’s nitpicking.

4 – 00:25 – The Bee Gees Strut. Check out the jacket over the shoulder of the middle Gibb brother (I don’t know my Gibbs, but I would guess Barry). Check out those white pants. Check out the 1970s! Who struts like that anymore? No one. Because no man can strut like that anymore. No man.

5 – 00:39 – The hair. The beard. The pose. Looking off into…what? Infinity? Magnificent!

6 – 00:41 – Popping into the doorway…magnificent! And the shoulder bops with the ah ah ah ahs! Glorious!

7 – 00:46 – Cutting on the beat. More ah ahs. Stupendous! And zooming in to the pearly chompers!

8 – 01:02 – What man can hit such a note? Only a 1970s man, I say.

9 – 01:14 – The subtle 1970s sexy dance. What man can dance so sexy,
yet so sneaky? If your guess is the 1970s man, well, you win.

10  -01:30 – The 1970s Man Door-Pop… Killing it! Yeah baby! Stayin’ Alive!

11 – 01:46 – Surely this is not the 1970s man making this squeal of ecstasy, but perhaps a seagull in heat, or some such.

12 – 02:15 – The Brother Gibb on the Right turns it over to the Brother Gibb in the Middle. As if the Brother Gibb on the Right were in charge of anything at all.

13 – 02:10 – The hand on the railing in time with the cymbal crash. Yeah baby.

14 – 02:42 – Ho ha! And surprise! Brother Gibb on the Right takin’ it back!

15 – 02:49 – Zoomin’ back in to the Master Brother Gibb.

16 – 02:54 – The Bee Gees Salute.

17 – 03:39 – The Bee Gees pre-sneeze.

There, wasn’t that worth it? Now go on back to your daily grind and just try to wish it wasn’t 1977 again. Just think, the original Star Wars would still be in theaters.

42 thoughts on “17 Funny Moments in the Bee Gees’ “Stayin’ Alive” Video

  1. I suppose most chaps would sing that high too in such nut-hugger trousers. I remember them on Ed Sullivan singing harmoniously like normal guys. Are they all dead? Were they all triplets? When my old boss, Fat Jim had his house robbed the thieves took every thing except a Bee-Gees record they left on the living room floor, when years later his wife bolted she took every thing except the record, left on the floor. Walt, I’m concerned, do you have a lot of spare time? It was genius finding this video to analize, Thanks.


    • Well, you know it wasn’t me who robbed him. I would have probably just taken the record.

      Yes, you might think it wouldn’t be possible to sing any other way in such trousers. Probably it was the pants that killed some of them. Lack of circulation, you see.

      No, I absolutely do not have enough time for this type of thing. But someone has to do it. It’s important work, so you’re welcome.

      By the way, are you @natthesociopath?


      • Agreed. But cool scenes don’t necessarily make a good movie. Or at least a whole movie good. Or at least I don’t think so. Though I could be wrong. But I think those last three SWs were pretty rippable. And I was weened on the first three. I was fed them at a young age, you see. Actually, they are all pretty rippable. But I imprinted on the first three. I rip them with love. But the middle three I rip like a wicked warrior.


  2. This bought back happy memories, like queueing up to go and see ‘Saturday Night Fever’ at the cinema, Platform Shoes and flared jeans! I didn’t have the big hair and put the poor state my feet are now in, fair and squarely on wearing those Platform Shoes, but…oh, Happy Days! I think I saw the movie at least 5 times because I just loved the music in it. My favourite track from the album was ‘A Fifth of Beethoven’ by Walter Murphy. Wonder what ever happened to him?


  3. Well, I’m sure someone knows what happened to Mr. Murphy, but that someone is not Wikipedia. Isn’t the YouTubes thingy great for time travel? I thought you might get a kick out of it.


    • My daughters would probably stare for a moment and then ask me to put on something more interesting. They have a while yet before they are old enough to want to flee, and even longer before they appreciate comedy.


  4. I could give details on which Gibb is which and such. But I couldn’t bear to ruin your wonderful break-down of Staying Alive. The song that the last living Gibb is tired of singing. Well done sir!


    • Ah, how did you stumble upon this post that no one ever reads no matter how many times I peg it as a featured post? I love this one and have always felt it was underappreciated. Thank you for appreciating it! Long live the last living Gibb!


  5. You had my son examining Barry’s trousers very carefully there – was that where 70s men kept their hamsters, then?

    Yes, poor Barry of the lion’s mane hair is last Gibb standing, the twins Robin and Maurice sadly no longer with us. I’m sure they were Ten Pound Poms, emigrating to Oz when they were kids – and a badly behaved bunch of deliquents they were.

    Thanks for tearing my boy away from Minecraft for a couple of minutes and for making us sing ‘Ah, ah, ah, ah,’ together. Made me smile 🙂


  6. I have to say… great memories. Love the video, thanks for bringing it back. And now for my 250th viewing of Star Wars, so I can accelerate up to the point where the true art of ’77 was made. Star Wars rule! But Bee Gees, thanks for a cool 4 minutes.


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