I have no shortage of ideas for blog posts these days. Most of them are pretty good ideas. And most of them I will never do anything with. Tonight, for example, while I was upstairs trying to get our three-year old to go potty before bed, my wife hollered from downstairs, “Don’t let her stick her finger up her ass.”

not me

not me

Right there I’ve got at least a half-dozen starting points for a blog. For example, my wife actually said put and bottom. Why did I just say stick and ass?

Why am I the one upstairs with my daughter trying to get her to go potty while my wife is downstairs uncorking the wine?

Why did I write uncorking the wine when my wife was not doing that at all, but just trying to get the dishes done before the girls went to bed so that the sound of dishes clacking in the sink didn’t disturb them as they nodded off?

Why is my gorgeous daughter (and she is really gorgeous, not just in my opinion but in scientifically verifiable fact) sticking her finger up her ass? How many grown up, gorgeous women stuck their finger up their ass as children? How might knowledge of this phenomenon somehow help shy men who are uncomfortable around gorgeous women be less uncomfortable? Why, when I tell my daughter that in polite society we do not stick our finger up our ass to make our poop come out, does my daughter shout at me until her vocal cords rip apart just to tell me that that’s the only way her poop can come out?

If I were really wanting to get blog posts out of this, I would have a field day.

chekhov snow

not me in a wintry place

not me during The War

not me during The War

I’m not interested in recounting my own adventures. Maybe because I’ve already lived them. Or wish I hadn’t. Or am frustrated by them. But even when I love every minute of them, I’m not usually interested in writing about them.

I am interested in observation and reflection. And that may lead me to something I want to write about. I may approach it as a story with some truthiness to it, and it may or may not be based on something that actually happened, but it probably won’t recount what really happened. I may write about something I observe, or feel, or am obsessed with, but it won’t likely be something that I participated in. Because as soon as I write about something I participated in, I’m writing about my personal life, which I don’t like to do.

I think I just don’t like writing about myself. Unless I can write about me writing about myself, or how I write about myself, if and when I do. Which I guess is what I’m doing now.

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  1. Hey, as you know I have spent time on your blog. I liked what I saw and I like what I see. Naturally, I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award and would appreciate your acceptance.

    If you’d rather not, do not give it a second thought. It is not terribly serious, but it is a good way for you to link to people you read. Thus providing me with more people to read.


    The rules are reasonably simple. You write 11 facts about yourself. Nominate 11 more people and answer my 11 questions.

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  2. Like your thing of using writing as a change and something outside your everyday life. Just starting out on WP and looking for more ways to stop what I write being about me and my life and start creating characters. Will be reading more of your stuff. Like the humour and like the style.

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    • Yeah, a lot of people like to “journal” on their blog, and a lot of people like to read those blogs, but it’s just not for me. I’m a little too private for that. Although I will go that route on occassion. In fact my third most read post is easily my most personal one, and it continues to get hits daily. My first characters were basically just me on paper, or people I knew. With practice, though, you start getting more creative and over time they’ll turn into their own people. Good luck with your writing. I will pop over and check it out.

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  3. Hi Walt
    if you don’t like to write about yourself perhaps you could write a little about the experiences that not you didn’t have in the war, the chap in the photo is a very handsome fellow and must have a story of some kind to be told.

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  7. I really enjoy your site and don’t get here often enough. I’ve nominated you for The Daydreamers Award and if you get to my site through ” queasypaddy ” you’ll get all the info you need. ( I haven’t figured out yet how to provide a link.)

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    • Thank you for nominating me for this award! ”Which international story is impacting on your thoughts, feelings or life at the moment?“ Well, that’s a bit of a trick question in my mind, as I think the U.S. is the cause of a lot of problems internationally. But anyhoo, I will give this some thinks and see if I can come up with something!

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  8. Exploring blogging community, here I just came across a genuine writer. The thing is in the movie, “The Field of Dreams” This blogger is like a baseball player, Perhaps choose a better half of himself. Thus, a true writer in the midst yet known.

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  9. “I am interested in observation and reflection.” ….ah….and how well you live that, for example in writing about Chutes and Ladders! I’ve posted a comment there too. LOVE your comments that start this About….harkens me back to the things kids say/said — as in my kids, now 38 and 40. Just took a five day hiatus from my blog (you’re invited to meander if the spirit moves you) to visit my son and his family. Dinner time always a bit hectic as his children are 3, 6 and 8. While talking about “famous falls” that “daddy” had, and chuckling away, the three year old decided to put her little feet on the table and push back her chair — right at the time I wasy saying that her daddy was required to sit in the chair that literally had its back to the wall since he’d fallen so many times! And…you guessed it, over she went! Broken chair, frightened but not injured wailing child! Oh my — times really don’t change, they just repeat themselves in later generations at the most common level. So here’s the thing — my son’s definition at age 4 of a thumb: “The finger you can’t put up your nose!” Smiling yet? Food for your blog? Have enjoyed your site…..from a grandmother to a young dad, enjoy all these quirky times! 🙂 They’ll continue to make you smile when you’re in your rejuvenatement period of life ( “retirement” is an evil word)!

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  10. this might be the best about page i have ever read. i am excited to dive into your blog. the reason i am not using capital letters is because, well, i am typing with one hand because i have a finger…never mind…

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  11. I’m getting kind of bored with the new High Priestess and her Palace and her cave. At least the old High Priestess is still trying to bring on a new Ice Age so the gods will come back again. I don’t think I want to write about our own struggles anymore to end the wars… You do have a point about looking elsewhere for ideas. Stopping ocean currents and redirecting lava flows is getting kind of old. I think we might observe some people wind surfing instead — seems more exciting.

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  12. Walt, you seem familiar to me… There was an older west coast businessman on WordPress who actually had a similar looking profile of a older man. Are you as old as your profile photo? You are probably in your smart ass 60’s..? I too am an observer, but I have a wild imagination I admit.

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    • Well, if I were as old as my profile pic, I’d be no less than 119, as that painting of Chekhov was created in 1897. Then you’d have to add on whatever age he was at that time. I’m a smart ass, but in my 40s, so I’m a relative whippersnapper, I guess.

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      • Well yeah.. I didn’t know WHO was in the painting you use for profile, but this other guy used a similar artwork profile of an old guy with glasses but he was even older than me! And I thought maybe he came back to WP. ain’t no whipper snapper! He was a smart ass too by the way!

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    • Thank you! This was actually a regular post which had been up for awhile before I thought it would make an nice ‘about’ page, which I agree can be a little dull. Doesn’t get too many visits or likes though so, so maybe we share a particular taste!

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      • maybe. You have a really great voice. I read some other stuff too and I just like your tone. Maybe it is preference but maybe other people’s preferences are wrong…either way. I’m glad you are out there writing. It is enjoyable and skillful.

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