Rothchild’s Parlor

roth 2Herein are contained the files of Dr. Littlejohn, Esq., legal counsel and physician to Rothchild, who has locked himself in the parlor and refuses to listen to reason.

Look to the left. That’s the happy couple. Rothchild is in front.

This case is troublesome, as you will learn. It would seem that neither Littlejohn nor Butterloins, the valet who supplements Littlejohn’s notes with his own, is entirely forthright. Both have begun to suspect each other of harboring secrets, and we shall see it is not only Rothchild whose condition is deteriorating.

If you do not wish to know about terrible things happening to amphibians, stop reading immediately.

Also, if you do not cotton to the idea of minstrels prancing about nude, turn round.

At some point there will likely be a copious amount of absinthe consumed, but that hasn’t happened yet. If this troubles you, feel free to speak up in the comments. In fact, all comments or questions are welcome, whether in regards to impending absinthe consumption or no.

Rothchild’s Parlor is also here in a different format, at least for now. The content is the same.

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