On Time, Now, & Deep Sleep

If you like to read stuff that makes you shake your head and think this poor bastard has lost his marbles, read my new post on discoveringnonduality.com. It’s just what your looking for!

Discovering Nonduality


In a previous post we looked at the interplay between mind and deep sleep (dreamless sleep) and explored why it is that we seem to have no experience of the state of deep sleep, why it is that we feel that we ‘go away’ during deep sleep, or that ‘nothing happens.’ In essence, this is because mind is inactive during deep sleep. It is at rest. And because mind is at rest, it generates no residue of its activity, no memory. When we wake up, when mind becomes active again, mind looks at the period of deep sleep and concludes that nothing happened. It disregards the entire experience.

However, there is another aspect of deep sleep to consider, and that is the aspect of time. Or rather, the non-aspect of time. The fact that time seems not to pass during deep sleep. The fact that the moment we fall asleep…

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