Money Love Gun

When the shooting stops seventeen more kids are dead. But the shooting doesn’t stop. It happens again. And again. And again. Could happen today, could be my kids get shot.

The total is almost 200,000, not including the dead, the number of kids still alive with lives destroyed from witnessing other kids ripped apart by bullets, their insides spilling across the cafeteria floor. Some of them were first and third graders, like mine, right now at least. Mine aren’t dead yet, haven’t been shot yet.

The gun-obsessed and the NRA buy lawmakers, and the lawmakers then suggest that perhaps the solution is more guns bought for those who don’t have them yet, to get more people shooting (over the heads of my kids, I guess) and this makes sense from the perspective of those who buy lawmakers and sell guns because if it hasn’t been clear before, it’s clear now that this is all about money.

What would happen if someone were to walk into the offices of the lawmakers, or the NRA, and open fire? Do semi-automatic weapons hang on the walls, just in case? Are they kept handy, propped against water coolers? Have the receptionists been given pistols for their waistbands? What would happen if someone strolled into the cafeteria on take your kids to work day and killed their kids? Would that get their attention? Or would they accuse each other of being crisis actors, and kneel in the blood pooling by their kids’ shredded corpses to attempt CPR?


sandy hook.png

Shot to death at Sandy Hook Elementary. image: 


The American government is so broken it is literally killing people. ~ Elise Jordan, Time Magazine




21 thoughts on “Money Love Gun

  1. I couldn’t believe it when I heard that some elementary schools stateside actually hold drills of what to do if a crazed gunman (it’s almost always a man) attacks their school. If that’s true, it sounds like a society in a state of decay. The second amendment is one crazy law!

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  2. I don’t know if you’ve heard of the Dunblane massacre that happened in Scotland in 1996? Sixteen five year olds were killed along with their teacher and fifteen more were injured. The UK banned most handguns the year after. I can’t understand law makers in the US who look at the photographs of the children of Sandy Hook and their teachers and won’t rush to do the same.
    May you and yours always be safe, Walt

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  3. It’s just sad. It makes me sickest to know that the NRA and gun manufacturers always win.

    1) No shootings outside of your basic gun violence, accidents and murders=Gun sales are normal. They win.

    2) Shootings Occur=There is a rise in gun sales due to fear of a government crackdown. They win.

    We’re now at Stage 3.

    3) Lots of Shootings and dead people=Gun sales rise as in Scenario 2. Also, gun makers and NRA are rewarded with government money for more guns in schools. This is their biggest win yet.

    I saw a sign that said, “I think we should have a teacher in every gun store.” Couldn’t agree more.

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    • It’s tragic to think that money is more important than life, and that gun lovers love their killing toys more than kids. I like that sign you mentioned. Might make one myself and walk around with it.


  4. I went to the march but I don’t know how much good it’ll do. I stood through the speeches. Preaching to the converted, of course. I wrote my two senators but they both already support gun legislation. What else can I do? I hate to sound cynical but if shooting up a schoolroom full of children doesn’t do it, nothing will. Nothing.

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  5. In grade school, circa 1966, we used to sing- Glory, glory hallaluleuh, teacher hit me with a ruler. I met her at the door with a loaded 44, and she aint my teacher no more…indeed we were hit by rulers and more, but it was all a laugh. A young co-worker I recalled this to recently was quite disturbed. Arm the teachers, good god..

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    • I think I remember a similar ditty from when I was a young’un. In fact, I wrote a scene in a screenplay once where a kid imagined himself pulling a gun out in a classroom. It was intended to be humorous, in a slightly dark way, and it was. But that was more than 20 years ago, and not funny no more. Anyhoo, good to hear from you Worzel! Hope all is well.


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