Good fake news today

Woke up this morning with a light heart, not heavy, not suffocating. The air didn’t weigh on me like it used to and will again, it was clean. The sky was more blue than last month, and the bankers fangs were muzzled. I was not sure, not entirely, whether they would act in my best interest, but I wasn’t fearful of them, just cautious, and the sun didn’t lie to me and say it was night.

My leaders made decisions that were wise and rooted in fact. They did not agree but they understood compromise as strength. They saw courts needing judges, not soldiers. They understood that right was in the middle.

They let people in, understanding that we all came from somewhere.

They didn’t twist law in their fists until it broke or died.

They didn’t rape us with lies or call the truth fake and expect us to believe.

I didn’t wake up to hear the sky was not blue, and fuck you.

14 thoughts on “Good fake news today

  1. I like your fake news – I think you should write a regular column and I’ll just read you and not the usual nonsense being pushed my way.
    The sky is blue, people are kind and tolerant and have empathy for others … Yep. Let’s go with that

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  2. I woke up, I did not have to work, it was not fucking snowing, I was not broke, my lottery ticket was a ringer, Random House had called, all about this planet,banjos rang joy, and in The Halls of Power, wet cleanup was called when the liars dissolved into puddles, thanks Walt.

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