In these dark times, Bad Lip Reading shines a funny

Palpatine is moving aggressively to seal off borders, stifle government communication, bring back torture, and beta-test martial law in Chicago, so I’m glad I found something to laugh about today.

I needed this.

Here it is:

Bad Lip Reading has been around for a long time, apparently. Several years at least, been featured on Ellen Degeneres even. Had no idea. I only caught on today after I came across this tweet:

Thanks to Mr. Murray, the man behind Drinking Tips for Teens, for sharing.

~ Walt

20 thoughts on “In these dark times, Bad Lip Reading shines a funny

  1. I’m trying to laugh, Walt, but finding it hard. Can he really put these things through – building the wall, dismantling Obamacare, bringing back torture for terror suspects – so quickly? It would takes weeks (or months!) of debate, passing of bills or new legislation to complete those things here.


    • Me too, Lynn. Things don’t typically happen quickly in Washington, and these are executive orders issued by an incoming President as opposed to bills debated and approved as law by the legislative branch. The question is whether what he’s doing stems from ignorance or calculation, and I think the answer could conceivably go either way. He is undoubtedly ignorant of how to navigate Washington from a perspective of diplomacy or tradition, but he doesn’t seem to care and seems willing to blow up the establishment. If it’s calculated, it’s fascism, and how quickly his tactics are being adopted by others who have influence is frightening. Plus, it’s not likely that anyone will be able or willing to hold him accountable, as the Democrats have lost their majority in the Congress and a Supreme Court seat is vacant. As (very bad) luck would have it, he’s just won control of a Republican party that, in my opinion, has been operating unethically and immorally for decades, and might control all three branches of the government soon, which effectively ends any semblance of something like “checks and balances.”

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      • I’d heard that – unlike Obama – he had his party in Congress too, as you say, so much for the checks and balances. It’s heart breaking that a country built on immigration – “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” – is dismantling that long, great tradition and so quickly too. As an outsider, it always seemed fundamental to America’s attitude to the world – all embracing (though Britain has proved herself filled with bigots, so perhaps it stems from a global trend!).
        I’ve heard the word ‘fascist’ used for him, a man used to having his own way in his life and business affairs, unwilling to see that democracies don’t – shouldn’t – work in the same way. Although,the US and Britain’s ‘Special Relationship’ will remain intact – as we’ve alienated all of Europe, we can’t afford to be sniffy with Trump. No matter what kind of dictator he might be.


        • I agree on the ‘sniffiness.’ My concern is that he will approach it from the perspective that Britain needs the U.S. more than the U.S. needs Britain. I’m not saying this is true, I’m just saying that I fear he will see it that way, and employ tactics of manipulation and intimidation. The best possible outcome is for other U.S. leaders to stand up to him and invoke the 25th Amendment, which enables them to remove him from power.

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          • Our Mrs May seems very keen to be as friendly as possible with Trump – the hand holding during her visit to the US was pretty gross – despite public protests here and many MPs saying she should condemn the new immigration policies he’s brought in. She won’t, of course – not enough to really upset him anyway – as she’s thinking of those trade deals. Did you know there’s a petition here to stop him coming over on a state visit? One and a half million signatures and counting. Can’t imagine our poor old queen trying to talk to Trump.
            And you’re right about your leaders standing up to him – that’s what it will take. I’ve seen some rather moving footage online, people speaking out about what he’s done – was it the Mayor of Boston who made a speech saying any immigrants are welcome there? There are a lot of upset people. Perhaps something good will come from it all yet

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            • Yes, I’d heard about the movement to stop him from coming. It won’t change his mind or his behaviors, but it will be a valuable show of international unity against him that will help sway his more sensible supporters. We must tip the balance, then the process will begin to work against him.

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              • You’re right – a man like that will easily dismiss a grass roots petition as a lot of left wing terrorist sympathisers. He needs his power cropping from within the system. Only that will stop him. Can I ask about the executive orders he’s been making, as I’m not sure we have a similar system here. Is he allowed to bring any number of these in or is there a limit? And do they only concern matters of national security such as terrorist threats? Are they legally binding? Sorry to quiz you.


                • No problem, Lynn. An executive order is an official instruction issued by the President to the employees of the executive branch he oversees. They are not law, in fact they are subject to legal review by the judicial branch and can be ruled as unconstitutional or as in conflict with laws previously established by Congress. They can be overturned in court, or at least put on hold pending further review of their legality. That’s what happened with the order on immigration, an emergency hearing was held in a Federal Court, and the order was temporarily blocked.

                  All Presidents issue executive orders when they enter office, and the number he’s issuing is not unusual. But the legality of some is questionable. And that’s true for any President.

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  2. In corospondence to in these dark times, Bad Lip Reading shines a funny is that living in today’s world with a lot of ups and downs in a person’s life no one can make us who we are or our own personal makeup of our strong responsible respected individual, because we are our own backbone in life, when we are in public places or take a peaceful walk down the street, yes you can think about or see the dark times of the troubled social atmosphere of the world that does surround our lives but that is to big and uncontrollable what turmoil is happening out there for one to fix it’s like a revelation these issues will never stop, stop now and take a deep breath and remember that you are your own backbone in your life and with this thought no matter what crosses your path in a daily event in good times and bad, you are the only one that can bring happiness back to, or hold on to in your life.

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