Conflicted Elector in a Corrupt College

I want to thank Mr. Art Sisneros, the author of the post below, for taking so seriously his role as elector. He truly understands it, and has thought deeply about it. I would welcome him to serve as my elector any day. That’s exactly why we have them, or are supposed to have them. My hope would be that there are many more like him who also understand and think so deeply, but I know in my heart that that’s not the case. While my gut tells me that our electors should vote to block Trump, a man who to me seems unsuited for the role the people have chosen for him, our electors should not be relying on their gut. They should be thinking, like Mr. Sisneros is. If everyone were as wise as him, the Electoral College would fulfill the purpose it was designed for by the brilliant people who invented it. Thank you, Mr. Sisneros, for serving us here in Texas, and understanding and acting with such wisdom. I wish there were many more like you. Sincerely ~ Walt

The Blessed Path

When running for the Presidential Elector Nominee some six months ago, I had no idea the conflict that would ensue both from without and within. To say that it has been an “educating experience” would be an understatement. I embarked on this journey with a basic understanding of the difference between a republic and a pure democracy. I knew the Constitutional Fathers[1]  set up our government as the former and not the latter[2]. They had wisdom we lack. In my speech before the convention, I mentioned that nothing exemplified the difference between these two forms of the government more than the Electoral College. I admit, at the time, I was ignorant how deeply that held true.

Republic vs Democracy

The essence of a republic is that the authority rests in elected representatives, not in the people directly.  Noah Webster defined a republic as,

“A commonwealth; a state…

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5 thoughts on “Conflicted Elector in a Corrupt College

  1. The morning I read Mr. Sisneros decision to resign from the Electoral College rather than vote for Mr. Trump, I thought “Yes!” I felt the beginning of a hope that the popular vote would prevail. Then I realized that he is resigning, not voting against his party. Good for him and his conscience, kind of a let down for me. But I am glad he took a stand and let his thoughts be known.

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    • It’s less about the popular vote and more about putting the final say in the hands of people like Mr. Sisneros. The intent of the system was that the popular vote might inform but not decide the electoral vote. On paper, according to the rules, according to the architecture of our government, the popular vote does not decide the election. In practice, however, the popular vote does decide the election, because what’s on paper, the rules, the architecture of our government, is ignored. That’s the sad and frightening truth. We are about to let this ignorant, underprepared megalomaniac become our President, even though our system is designed to prevent this very thing. This is exactly what the framers feared, and we are about to just let it happen, even though the electoral college is empowered to stop it. We are going to let it happen, and there will be no going back, or correcting this mistake. Nixon resigned when he was caught breaking the rules. Trump is already breaking rules, and he’s not even in office yet. A Trump Presidency will break the system beyond repair.

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  2. I went back to bed when I got up on the day after our election. It was too much to process for my brain. I had worked fro 5 am until 8 pm as an election judge at the polls. I knew my middle class white neighbors had all voted for trump. I had believed only the uneducated would vote for trump, but aI was wrong. I went back to bed and tried to believe it was a nightmare and I would wake up and it would be over. It has been a long time since I was so afraid for my country. It was 1961, when I was freshman in college and we thought a nuclear war would start and we would all die. I am still trying to wake up from this madness. I am praying.


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