One Sentence, Three Tiny Tales

Well now here is something that is very cool: a flash fiction piece of mine was featured on WordPress Discover as part of a feature on WordPress Discover that featured, well… flash fiction. I pause, realizing I am being redundant. It’s okay because I know better and I don’t do it in flash fiction, especially when the word count is 300 words or less. You can’t be redundant if you want to say a thing in 300 words, you know. If you want to check out the thing I said, go here. Go! Go now! Before I get redundant all over again!

Special thanks to Bill Pearse and Lynn Love for their mad beta-reading skills and good feedback. They are two of my writing heroes here on WordPress. You should visit them if you haven’t, and re-visit if you’ve visited before. They are good folk. And good with the writing, too.

Why are you still here?! Click something! šŸ™‚

13 thoughts on “One Sentence, Three Tiny Tales

  1. And you have my approval, from the Department of Redundancies department. Go forth with thy stethoscope, Walt. You tha’ man. — Bill


  2. Walt, As the only truly consistent reader of (not to mention one of the first, for which I’m forever appreciative), I want you to know I’ve taken a sort of ‘blogger’s holiday’ (an idiom not yet universally recognized; it’s only a matter of time when). I’m devoting the little free time I have (I know you relate) to a book. Creative juices keep flowing to it, flooding to it. I’ll keep in touch with you by reading your blogs of truth and interest. Please know I have not disappeared but merely dissipated temporarily into another strange art form, the aspiring memoirist. (Ha! the critics say already. May I dissipate them into oblivion.) … Keep writing. I’m glad to read you into eternity. Mike


    • Good for you, Mike. You know, I started blogging, if what I do here can be called “blogging,” three years ago. I’m glad I did, because holding myself to a schedule of one post per week did amazing things for my writing, made me so much better as I wrote and re-wrote posts, editing, chopping, rewriting some more. I learned so much, and have grown a lot. But at this point, I kind of feel like it’s gone as far as it can go, which is why I haven’t been posting much lately, and why I get why you haven’t either. So I commend you for allowing the blog to take a back seat. It’s not about likes and comments. Or rather, it is too often about likes and comments, when maybe it shouldn’t be. Take time off and focus on writing something bigger, I say. Good luck to you, sir. I’ll be around too. Still like to be here a lot, even if I’m not posting as much.


  3. The story looks great, Walt – the tiny tweaks you’ve made have only added to clarity and taken nothing away. Always a pleasure to read your work and always here if you need another pair of eyes. Thanks for the kind words. You definitely tha man šŸ™‚


    • Thanks, Lynn. Really appreciate the pre-and-post reads. I’ve often been guilty of killing things (accidentally, mostly) in the edit. For example, a friend of mine once commented that I’d sacrificed funny for clarity, so it’s good to hear I added clarity without taking anything away. You tha wo-man.

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