Multiple Ones

One of my favorite bands of all time is U2.

One of my other favorite bands of all time is Metallica.

One of my favorite rock singers of all time is Chris Cornell. (Many know him as That Guy From Soundgarden, but he’s also That Guy From Audioslave, where ((Audioslave = (Rage Against the Machine) + (Chris Cornell) – (Zach de la Rocha.))

So it would make sense that one of the best mashups of all time might be this one…the one where Chris Cornell sings the lyrics of one of Metallica’s songs to the tune of one of U2’s songs.

Good mashup, this one.

7 thoughts on “Multiple Ones

  1. Between him and Mark Lanegan (with Lanegan my preferred), they’re the best hard rock singers EVER, I think. And if you’re lucky, you’ll see Chris pumping gas at the 76 station in West Seattle, where we used to live. Or maybe your kids will go to class with Eddie’s kids at the private school. Did you know Soundgarden is named after a sculpture in North Seattle? It’s intended to make music when the wind passes through it, as it’s on a kind of promontory. We used to go there before 911 and then they got paranoid about it because it’s near some NOAA stations or something, and now it’s harder to get to. Some good Moby Dick quotes in the stones around there too. But not as good as these lyrics.


    • I didn’t know those guys still lived there, that’s cool. I always thought it was cool that Wayne Coyne still lives in Oklahoma (City, I think), in the same neighborhood he always has, which I hear is kind of a shitty one. Did not know that about the sculpture thingy. Very cool, except for the part about it not being accessible. I will have to check out Lanegan, never heard of him. I know of Queens of the Stone Age but I don’t know their music. I’ve never really heard much of anything said about the quality of Hetfield’s lyrics, which I agree are very good. “Broken is the promise, betrayal / the healing hand held back by the deepened nail / follow the god that failed.” Good stuff, that. I disagree with it, but it’s good stuff.


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