Ask the Professor! Featuring Walt Walker (Part 2)

Here comes Part 2, the Second and Very Final Part of my hard-hitting investigative report into the Life and Times of the renowned Professor VJ Duke. In this striking conclusion, tensions flare. At one point I consider overturning a table and gesticulating in frustration, but I think better of it and settle for the eating of an éclair. Through clever editing, you never actually see me with the éclair in hand, but I can assure you it was tasty.

The Punchy Lands!

AsktheprofessorThis is the second and last post in the “Ask the professor” series, I fear. The questions below are Walt Walker’s; and feel free to ask the professor anything! This is when you’ll get an answer! (Not to say I usually don’t answer.)


1. Where did your oft-used phrase “have speaks” come from? That’s quite original. In that I’ve never heard of it outside of the PL. Where did PL Argot come from? Did you invent it? Or are you just…I mean, what’s up with that? Guess how many questios I’m counting this as? Hey! Questios was a typo but I think it’s good Punchy Argot.

That is good PA! Well, Punchy Argot has sorta evolved with the blog. You see, some of the PF (Punchy Family) are responsible for some of the PA. Have speaks…I’m not sure where that comes from, to be honest. It just happened! The…

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