Ask The Professor! Featuring Walt Walker (Part 1)

So awhile back I asked the illustrious Professor V.J. Duke if he would mind terribly if I were to reblog on my blog the chat we had on his blog awhile back. The one in which I asked all the hard hitting-questions one of those investigative TV news reporter types might ask of such a fellow as PVJ. He said okay, and so here it is. Part One, anyway…

The Punchy Lands!

So, this professor has decided to do a two-part thingy. You see, PLFM Walter Walker—well, he puts it better than I can:

I recently responded to a pair of Leibster nominations. One of the folk whom I would’ve liked to have tapped in response was the good Professor VJ Duke. However, he did not meet the criteria. And what I mean is, he had far too many followers. Leibsters are for people with too few followers, so PVJ doesn’t qualify. But I did ask of him if I might ask of him 11 Questions to ask of him anyway (of him). They are not the same as the ones I asked for the Leibster Thingy. Nor should they be. This is the The Professor were talking about, after all, and as such, he deserves his own most unusual and specific to him set of questions. Here they are.


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