Funny YouTubes

There’s some very funny stuff out there on The YouTubes. Here are some favorites.

Vader Sessions

This funny YouTube takes James Earl Jones’ dialogue from movies that are not Star Wars and edits them into the movie that is Star Wars. I don’t know whether Vader Sessions was the first, the last, or the somewhere in between Funny YouTube that did this, but it’s the best. There are others that use some of the same dialogue on top of other Star Wars moments, but not with as much funny.

Street Magic

This YouTube riffs on the street magic stuff of David Blaine. There are a bunch of videos in this series, many of them very funny, but this one packs the most funny.

Stevie Riks

Stevie Riks is an Englishman who doesn’t so much do impressions of pop stars as he does caricatures of them. His YouTubings probably number in the hundreds by now. They started off amateurish and have gotten more sophisticated over time. Impossible to say which one is the funniest, but this is the first one I saw.

Another Stevie Riks

Bed Intruder

Actual news coverage songified and auto-tuned.

What do you think? Funny? What funny YouTubes have you discovered?

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