The Plug Is Pulled



“Ben, this idea sounds half-baked.”
“Oh no, it’s completely baked. It’s a decision I’ve made.”
~ The Graduate

If you have read this, then you may understand why I’m abandoning poor Butterloins in the snow, just as he was on to something. Littlejohn too. Whatever the good doctor is up to inside that vile place, I don’t think we shall soon find out. I do hate to leave them like this. But something else has come up.

Looking back over Rothchild’s Parlor, I see improvement. Some of the recent posts were the easiest to write, and favorites of mine. This is encouraging, because sitting down to write them was beginning to feel like a chore. I know that seems contradictory, but it’s the routine that moves things forward, the desire that fuels it, and the output that justifies it. Thanks to RP, I feel I’m back into a regular routine, and the output justifies it, if I may say so myself. What’s missing is the desire. And desire will boost both the routine and the output. Which means wins all around.

I’ve found the desire in something else. Something bigger I want to sink my teeth into. One of the book ideas that has been half-baked in my head for a long time finally dinged, quite unexpectedly, fully baked. Story arc, character arc, everything – all coming together in a nice symmetry. All in a moment. It gave me goosebumps.

So I’m off to make that my priority, in what little spare time I have. Between the wife who is in school, the toddlers who are not, the day job, and the dumb ass dog who shits under my kitchen table, I won’t have time for Rothchild and company. On their behalf, I must say that’s all folks, at least for now. You all are writers. I trust you’ll understand.

7 thoughts on “The Plug Is Pulled

    • With all sincerity, thank you, P.VJ. Keeping mum on these things is generally what motivates me to finish them, and in what I’ve said I’ve already said more than I normally would. But for you Old Sport, I will add that it will be a high fantasy novel.


      • Nice! I love fantasy. The professor will read it. Keep me posted. The professor is here to help encourage. We all need it! ( 😆 I love when you use Old Sport.) Of course…you could tell me everything in an email…


      • One time I had what I thought was a great idea for a Western. I told the story to a couple of friends while driving in the car. When I got to the climactic scene, they both both went “OOOH!” at just the place I wanted them to. I was very pleased with that reaction, of course. So pleased I never wrote the thing. So the lesson learned was, if I tell it before I tell it, I won’t need to tell it!

        When it’s done (which will not be at all soon) I’ll give you first crack at it. And maybe you can let me read one of those middles you are so fond of. Although I would like to read the beginning and the end too. 😉


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