One Hit Wonders of the 90s

teenage fanclub plays bandwagonesque

teenage fanclub plays bandwagonesque (Photo credit: Dani Canto)

This list is by no means all-encompassing. It’s also highly subjective, not in any order of preference, and mostly rock. Maybe there is something here that’s new to you. Or something you missed. Or something you forgot about. Whatever the case, enjoy.

Hum | “Stars”

One day while watching Headbanger’s Ball I found myself wondering why it was necessary to wear leather and spikes to play metal. Why couldn’t someone play metal in shorts and a t-shirt? I thought. And maybe without the growling vocals? Someone like me, for example? Wouldn’t that be cool? Soon after, Hum came along with this. All because of my simple questions. Your welcome.

School of Fish | “3 Strange Days”

Many of my favorite songs of the early 90s had a kind of trippy/druggy feel to them. Not sure if that had to do with what was going on in the mid-90s or who I was in the mid-90s, but this one falls into that category. Musically, this song has it’s feet planted in the decade in much the same way that a catch that looks good might need reviewing in the booth. The video, though, is clearly a child of the 80s. Some very Duran Duran moments in this that we just have to accept.

Teenage Fanclub | “The Concept”

With 10 albums spanning a 20 year career, TFC is not a one-hit wonder. But most people in the U.S. don’t know them, and those who only know one song probably know this one. I didn’t find a video of this song that did it justice. I wanted the fantastic live version done on SNL on the 1992 episode hosted by Jason Priestly, but that’s hard to find online. I highly recommend it, though, if you can dig it up. And if you are just discovering them, Bandwagonesque is a good album but Grand Prix and Thirteen are better.

Flowerhead | “Snagglepuss”

Not sure this is a true one-hit wonder either, simply because this band was largely unknown outside of Austin, Texas. This song might be more enjoyable if you just listen to it. The video has an Alice-in-Chains feel, which is not who they were. Not if you look at the cover for this album. Or if you saw them live. Or if you ask me.

Our Lady Peace | “Starseed”

Not much to say about this other than that I liked it then, but I’m not sure how well it stands the test of time.

Everclear | “Santa Monica” 

This song rocks. I like a song that builds. This one does that. The video is very Nirvana in a good mood. Maybe people of the early 90s were not generally in good mood? Hence why this band did not do better? Maybe they should have waited till the late nineties, like these next two.

Fastball | “The Way”  &  The Flys | “Got You Where I Want You”

These next two are more pop than rock. But there’s nothing wrong with a little pop mixed in with your rock. Especially in a decade as musically confused about itself as the 90s was. These are two catchy songs worth remembering.  

Thanks for getting to the bottom of this post with me. What have I left out that you would not have?

4 thoughts on “One Hit Wonders of the 90s

  1. I love the inclusion of Our Lady Peace, although for us Canadians, the Our Lady Peace “wonder” did not end with that one hit. Our radio stations found a horse not quite dead and continued to throttle it for several more albums.

    (Canada has a law that 35% of radio play has to be be Canadian artists to help promote Canadian culture or something like that. For better or worse, it kinda works.)


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