Ode to a Hot Dog Man

hot dogO, Hot Dog Man!

You make your Hot Dogs in your trailer.

You also make hamburgers, and bratwurst, and delectable grilled cheese sandwiches. And people come from all over town to buy them and eat them and love them.

You are so good at what you do!

Thank you for being there in the parking lot of the Home Depot on Saturdays.

Thank you for adding cheese and grilled onions to my Depot Dog.

Your spicy brown mustard is of special note.

Even my wife lets me take our girls to you for lunch, because your trailer is not “dirty.”

It is hard to find a Hot Dog Man of such quality as you!

And it’s okay when you confuse the T on my hat for Tennessee. And that when I say it’s for Texas, as in Rangers, you think Walker, not baseball.

Your dogs are that good.

Cook on, sir! Cook on!

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