Smackdown! Fonts, Beards, Former Rangers Will Decide 2013 World Series (A Retroactively Retitled Smackdown!)

word series

With Game One of the Fall Classic underway (currently scoreless in the bottom of the first), it’s a good time to break down the strengths and weaknesses of each team and find out just who is destined to win this year’s World Series.

Front of Jersey

The match-up here is Boston’s font versus Saint Louis’ cardinals on a bat. History should be respected, and therefore the cardinals on the bat should be respected. But that doesn’t mean anyone has to like them. Classic? Yes. Historic? Yes. Dumb? Yes. Advantage: Red Sox.

Back of Jersey

The Red Sox go number-only on their home jerseys, while the Cardinals are number-plus-name. Number-only is quite classy. A number plus a name is kind of overkill, really. Real fans probably don’t need either, and true team-players shouldn’t want either. Advantage: Red Sox.


The Red Sox B versus the Cardinals’ StL. This is a tough one. The B has historic value, but it looks dated. And a B really shouldn’t have horns. The t in StL is technically correct but visually cluttered. The S and L interlock a bit too much, adding to the clutter. In the end, Boston’s B complements the Red Sox font on the jersey, whereas the Cardinals’ jersey features birds on a bat. Advantage: Red Sox.

Facial Hair

Several Red Sox players are working towards Duck Dynasty beards. There’s something humorous and self-effacing about guys who’re willing to go Duck Dynasty. The Cards have several guys with short-cropped beards. These are dubious, and somewhat sleazy. Advantage: Red Sox.


Boston has Fenway. Advantage: Red Sox.


Women seem to find Mike Matheny incredibly attractive. Women don’t seem to know who manages the Red Sox. Advantage: Cardinals.


The nation knows Boston does Sweet Caroline. No one seems to know what they play in Saint Louis. Advantage: Red Sox.

Former Texas Rangers

Boston has three big ones – Napoli, Saltalamacchia, and Uehara. Saint Louis has none. And because Rangers tend to collapse in the playoffs – Advantage: Cardinals.

So there you have it. The Red Sox have a distinct edge, with 6 of 8 match-ups falling their way on paper. And after three innings played in Game One, Wainwright is approaching 70 pitches, the Cards have committed two errors, and Boston is ahead 5-0. The evidence indicates this analysis is pretty much right on. Boston is destined to win this one.

That said, I’m kind of pulling for the Cards.

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