The Princess Playground

Onemagicwand fine sunshiney day, two young sisters named Emily and Keilan took a walk in the park with their little dog Charlie and their little cat Phoebe. In the park they found a beautiful little playground. And being little girls, they wanted to play in the little playground, of course. That’s what playgrounds are for, and that’s what little girls who find them like to do. But when the girls ran into the playground and started climbing the ladder to the slide, a voice called out to them.

“Excuse me!” said the voice.

Spinning around, the girls saw the voice belonged to a Princess. The Princess wore a pink princess gown and a silver princess crown and in her hand was a sparkly magic wand. The Princess said, “I’m sorry, but this is a playground for Princesses.”

The younger of the two sisters, Emily, said, “but we are princesses!”

“Well!” the Princess said. “You do not look like princesses to me. I’m afraid that means you cannot play here.”

The girls were saddened by this news. They really wanted to play in the playground. Emily dropped her chin against her chest. Through pouty lips, she quietly mumbled, “I Princess Emily.”

“Hmm,” Keilan said, placing one hand on her hip. Usually, when Keilan put one hand on her hip, it meant she was
using her thinker to solve a problem. The other hand she placed on her cheek, and her finger went tap tap tap against it. This meant her thinker was thinking hard. After a moment, her face lit up, she gasped, and she shot her finger up into the air. This meant her thinker was done thinking and had thunk up an idea.

“Ms. Princess, may I borrow your magic wand?”

The Princess looked rather puzzled by this and said, ”Um, well, I don’t usually allow anyone to borrow my magic wand. Not even princesses.”

“Ms. Princess,” Keilan said, stepping forward with her hands politely clasped in front of her. “I promise I will give it right back to you.”

The Princess furrowed her brow and bit her lip. She seemed to be using her own thinker now. Finally, she held her wand out to Keilan and said, “Okay, but please be so very careful with it.”

“Of course, Ms. Princess,” said Keilan. And she took the magic wand and waved it in circles in front of herself. Sparks flew out and crackled as she touched it to her forehead and said, “Keilan Bo-Beelan Fo-Feelin.” All of sudden Keilan was wearing a princess crown and a princess gown and had a magic wand of her own.

Then Kelian stepped up to her sister Emily and waved the wand in circles in front of her, saying “Emily Bo-Bemily Fo-Femily.” Sparks crackled as she touched the magic wand to Emily’s forehead, and all of a sudden Emily was wearing a princess gown and a princess crown and held a magic wand. Emily looked down at her gown and her eyes went wide and her mouth fell open. She began to jump with happiness, and in her excitement any words she meant to use got jumbled, and all that spilled out was a bunch of happy silly sounds.

As Keilan approached Phoebe with the magic wand, a voice said, “Keeyan wait!” It was Emily. Keeyan was as close as she could get with her little mouth to Keilan. “I do it!” she said, and Keilan understood this was Emily’s way of saying let me have a turn.

She handed the wand to her sister, who didn’t so much wave it in circles around her kitty-cat Phoebe as she did poke her with it, because her little hands didn’t work quite as well yet.  “Phoebe Phoebo Coocah!” said Emily, which wasn’t quite the right formula but seemed to do the job. Sparks crackled as she smacked the wand across Phoebe’s arched back. Suddenly Phoebe was wearing a princess gown and a princess crown and she had magic wand.

Keilan said, “Emily, let’s do one together.”

“Okay!” shouted Emily, and together they waved their magic wands in circles around their dog Charlie. Or rather, Keilan waved hers in circles and Emily bonked him on the head with it. Together they said, “Charlie Bo-Barely Fo-Farley.” Sparks crackled as they touched their wands to Charlie’s wet nose, and all of a sudden Charlie was wearing a princess gown and a princess crown and had a magic wand between his teeth.

Then Keilan wiped her hand against her forehead and said “phew,” because all of that had been quite a bit of work.  She handed the magic wand back to the Princess, saying “Here you go, Ms. Princess! Thank you very much!”

“My goodness,” said the Princess of the Playground. “You are princesses! You can play in my playground!”

Emily and Keilan began to jump up and down and laugh with delight. Phoebe meowed. Charlie growled and pawed at his crown, trying to get it off.

Princess Emily was first up the ladder and down the slide. She and her sister played for a very long time.

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