It Comes Down To This

Derek-Holland1Tonight the villainous Athletics of Oakland, who earlier this year were sliding around on poo-poo that had flooded the locker room of their dilapidated stadium, slide in to Arlington on those same shoes for a final showdown with the Rangers. With Oakland having built up a 3.5 game lead in the West, once again the Ranger’s season hinges on the next three games. They’ve got to break out of their slump tonight and sweep this series, then keep winning and hope the A’s forget how. If the Rangers lose this series or get swept, which is highly likely considering how well the Rangers have not been playing of late, this season is all but over. Tonight, Derrick Holland is going to have to pitch with the greatness he’s capable of, and not like the guy in the picture above. The bad news is his support is nine guys swinging wiffle ball bats.  The good news is his opponent is this guy.

2013 Oakland Athletics Photo Day

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